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DevLog #21 – Week 31 – 2015

We had a very productive week, so far we have buildt alot of the assets in the port of Hammerfest and around the map. Whales and seagulls are added, then we have reworked the UI, balancing boat controls, replaced landscape textures, added a new boat sound and a new atmospheric soundtrack.

We also had an article about our game published in which is a Norwegian computer news site.

We are now ready for GamesCom next week, so if you want to come and playtest our game, you will find us at our stand in Hall 10.1 A036



DevLog #20 – Week 30 – 2015

Times goes fast, but we are working hard to finish off the playable demo that we will show at GamesCom, just over a week away now. This week we have pulled off alot of work, making emissive lights for the boat, adding better weather with fog and clouds, adjusted lightning and started to create props for the landscape.

All the lighthouses is placed around the map and much of the port is starting to be ready.

Here is a small screenshot from Melkøya just outside Hammerfest.



DevLog #19 – Week 27 – 2015

Its been some really hectic weeks for sure, since our last devlog update! But we have been working really hard to get a demo ready to present at GamesCom in August. These last weeks we have been making a new map based on satelite data over the first area around the port Hammerfest. We changed the UI quite abit and implementing of that, new fish routine has been done also tuned the boyance of the water and sea, fixed alot of lightning errors etc.

Remaking your game from a 2D to 3D version has been a really fun and eyeopening process in many ways, but we hope to manage and give players an fun and interesting gameplay.

See you at GamesCom 2015 – Hall 10.1

Ingame screenshots























DevLog #18 – Week 24 – 2015

We had some really hectic two weeks, after we decided to change the game from 2D to 3D. We are now developing the game using Unreal Engine and we got two new amazing programmers on the team, that is working hard with bring the new version to life.

With less than 2 months away of presenting our demo at GamesCom in Cologne 6-9 August, everyone is working really hard so we can give you an great experience with our first 3D game.










Stay tuned for more info coming shortly.


DevLog #17 – Week 20 – 2015

This week we putted a primitive map editor together, but we still has to do some more adjustments to get it to work smoothly on the current build we have.

Most of the work with the autopilot is now completed. It maps the area, scans toward the target, finds a path, and then optimizes it afterwards. All we have to do now is to implement it into the plotter and make sure to add some sort of dynamic scaling depending on the map size.

We also added fish icons into the fish sonar, which will change from light blue to dark blue color based on single fish or if there are schools of fishes seen on the sonar.

More info and screenshots will come next week, so stay tuned!


DevLog #16 – Week 19 – 2015

Hey everyone! A week goes fast but we are working hard and we aim to release a demo, in mid-July. This year we will have our own stand at GamesCom, Cologne in August, where you will be able to play the game, ask questions, come with suggestions or just hang around and talk with us. We are looking forward to see you there.

Most of the work this week has been on the auto pilot and depth maps, which should be quite ready soon. We also added a line list, that shows how long each of your lines has been in the sea and a few other minor changes to the current features.

More news is coming next week, so stay tuned!


DevLog #15 – Week 18 – 2015

This week we added in a progress indicator for the auto line. We made it so the HUD shows notifications up by the map icon. Right now it tells the player how successful the catch was once you reel in a line, and it will tell you if you’re out of fuel.

We changed the throttle, so it goes up and down slowly when you use W and S, and using spacebar resets the throttle back to 0 for now.

Next week we will have a lot more changes to come, so stay tuned!


DevLog #14 – Week 17 – 2015

This week we added some sound effects for waves and such just so we can mess with things like volume fluctuation, depending on speed and how far you’re zoomed in. We also improved the noise generation program a bit, so we should now be able to make some higher resolution wave textures.

We are working on a few ideas on how to make path-finding for waypoints and an autopilot, so players can use an autopilot to auto travel to their favourite fishing or waypoints around the map.


DevLog #13 – Week 16 – 2015

We added a new algorithm for the waves that solved some graphic glitches we experienced. Then we made the audio positional, so the more you zoom in, the louder the boat’s engine will sound.


DevLog #12 – Week 13 – 2015

This week we added fast traveling, so traveling back to port reduces fuel and passes time. We also did some tests with one of the huge chunks of terrain data, which is pretty gigantic. We have 80 of these terrain files, and each of them are ~50x50km. It’s a lot of terrain, but the game seems to run well, even with the extra land.

We are also going to add delivery missions and a autopilot so the player can set waypoints, that would come handy if you find a preferable fishing spot.

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