Author: Woober


DevLog #11 – Week 12 – 2015

Our progress of the game goes forward, as we are improving and adding new features. Lately we have been working on the terrain, shaders and delivery system.

Our Misc Games company is selected as a member of the incubator program at iPark in Stavanger. iPark is one of the nation’s leading incubator companies who help startups and entrepreneurs from the first sketch all the way to market launch. They will give both financial and business support for Misc games and in the developing of Fishing: Barents Sea. We will do our best in making a great game.

It’s been a long and bumpy journey to get to this point where we are today. We have put a lot of effort, money and time to build this game and we still have a lot to do before the game is ready. But, we can now speed up things and continue our passion for creating games.

A big thanks to everyone who believe in us, the help and support we got so far, we are very thankful. Thanks!


DevLog #10 – Week 9 – 2015

This week we did quite a good progress making new shop menus, we started working on new art for the port of Hammerfest. We also did some improvements to boost the game’s framerate and shadings.


DevLog #9 – Week 8 – 2015

We have been messing around with the new terrain lately to increase the depth effect a bit. We are also testing out how floating objects works, when you are traveling on the map.

We did alot of bug fixes, added the new GUI, implemented a new crew algorithm and almost worked out the set depth for the autoline.


DevLog #8 – Week 7 – 2015

Development takes time, but we are doing a major progress with getting new assets ready for the public demo we plan to release during the spring.

Here you can see the new boat asset we are working on:

boat_7_aWe also did alot of bugfixes and reworked how we read maps from image files into the map maker for the game. We will try to do weekly updates on the progress on the game, so stay tuned!

Thanks alot for all the support from all of you and our friends and family!


DevLog #7 – Week 44 – 2014

Hi, its been a while since we had an update for our devlog, as we had some internal issues we had to solve before we could get moving again.

Now we are back on track and we are working on a new graphic style for the game, aswell as working on some new features for the gameplay. This week we got our map editor ready so we can add more details like buildings, lighthouses, roads and shores etc.


DevLog #6 – Week 39 – 2014

Alot of work has been pulled off this week. We also had to write a special script to draw the background windows correctly when changing screen resolution. We also reprogrammed the fish sonar, so it work with our new depth map.

These are the major things we done:

  • Zoom function implemented
  • Added an ignition switch for the boat
  • Added a depth meter
  • Added a new weather scheduler
  • Tutorial and story
  • Terrain collision

DevLog #5 – Week 38 – 2014

We did some huge updates with our game this week. We rewrote and made a new fish system, with a new algorithm that is used to calculate probabilities of catching fish for auto-lines when they’re off-screen. We also got a new object loading system in place, new lightning system for the terrain, loading times are almost non-existings, a map editor for the terrain, generating fish doesnt affects the FPS anymore and save data is now working correctly.


DevLog #4 – Week 37 – 2014

This week we have worked really hard adapting the new terrain handling system and making it efficient so it doesn’t eat up so many frames, so now we got the terrain system to work properly. We also rewrote the auto-line code, it gets more realistic. A new lightning textures for the boat is in place, and we also added up the depth system so it works with the new terrain system.


DevLog #3 – Week 36 – 2014

During this week, we managed to finish most of the calculations and polishing of the terrain, so now it looks more smoothly. We also implemented the new GUI and adjusted some of the game mechanics so the fishing methods will be even more realistic.


DevLog #2 – Week 35 – 2014

This week we completed most part of the new user interface, implemented daylight lenghts dependent on dates, so its mostly dark at winters and mostly sun at summertime. Now moon and seasonal cycles will have an impact on how deep fishes choose to stay. Terrain and depth is also calculated properly, so now we have a solid framework in place so we can easily add and move things around as needed.

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