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DevLog #30 – Week 4 – 2016

Alot of things has been happening lately, thats why updating this devlog has been somewhat neglected! We are doing good progress and currently we are working to implement all the basic game features.

Enjoy some new screenschots and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter if your want to get more frequently news and updates!

Big greets,
Misc Games team!

screen9_090416 screen8_090416 screen6_090416

































DevLog #29 – Week 3 – 2016

Its a new year and by the end of this year we aim to release our game that we have been working on since 2013. These last weeks we have done alot of work.

Here are a snippet of our changelog:

  • Added wheelhouse
  • Added fisherman animations
  • Added new boat steam
  • Added searchlight and light effects
  • Added freelook camera
  • Reworked boat boyancy and gravity
  • Reworked camera movements
  • Reworked bouy and reel logic
  • Reworked catching fish mechanic
  • Tweaked boat steering

And alot more optimization and bugfixes was done.

fbs_t7 fbs_t6 fbs_t5


DevLog #28 – Week 48 – 2015

These last few weeks we done some more fishing assets and placed them onboard the boat, implemented a underwater effect, added radar animation and alot more.



DevLog #27 – Week 45 – 2015

Finally we got our new UI implemented and the first part of the gameplay is also done. After updating to the newest Unreal Engine version 4.9.2, alot of things in the blueprints and source code was broken, so we spent quite some time to pull together all the lose ends to get everything to work properly again.

Here is a few new screenshots:

fbs_screen2 fbs_screen1



DevLog #26 – Week 43 – 2015

We have been working hard the last few weeks with making a new UI and implement the core fish mechanics. Stay tuned for more news soon.

Here is a small sketch of our coming UI.



DevLog #25 – Week 39 – 2015

Last week we was suppose to launch a Greenlight campaign, which we also did for a few hours. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the campaign until we have a more finished build. But we want to thanks everyone who supported us!! We are sorry for any inconvenience!

This week we have updated our build to the newest version of Unreal Engine 4.9. After the update we had to do several changes in our blueprints to make things work again, luckly everything seems to work now and we are back on track. Right now we are building the seabed and when that’s ready we can implement the fishsonar, which is already done.


DevLog #24 – Week 38 – 2015

We are building the city of Hammerfest and working on the gameplay for fishing. We also had a stand at NuTek 2015, which is a small startup gathering here in Stavanger, where we showed our prototype of the game.

ham_houses3 ham_houses2


DevLog #23 – Week 35 – 2015

GamesCom is over and batteries are recharged again. Now we are starting to find back to the normal rythm again and working on the gameplay. We also putted together a small preview of the current gameplay, thats from our early alpha version or we maybe we can call it a prototype, since there is parts missing and so on.


DevLog #22 – Week 33 – 2015

GamesCom 2015 is over and we had a great time at the event and we were showing a very early prototype of our game. We had some very interesting meetings and alot of people visiting our stand to checkout our game, even some came and played our game several times. During the event we did alot of tweaks and bugfixes like numbers on the fishlines, changes skylight, user interface, resolution and more. Every day we had a new build to show our visitors.

A big thanks to everyone, we will do our best to keep our promises and create an awesome game.

gamescom1 gamescom2 gamescom3 gamescom4

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